Susan Davis



  1. thank you for sharing your story with so many…. my only suggestion, pleaswe number the pages, so after printing it is easier to follow. I had to go back to the site and confir page by page, since they got all mixed up as I read.
    I did Barbara M Hubbard~s ACE course and received your message in one of the classes. Thanks so much. I live in Brazil… your book is traveling!
    Maureen Finn

  2. Susan, at 52, currently founder and CEO of, an exercise that has been all consuming for me for a decade, I have not found a more resonant or helpful piece of guidance in a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your story which mirrors so much of my own experience, and for providing in it, guidance that I hope will allow me more effectiveness in my own contributions to the whole. I am grateful for your faith, courage which I know it takes to choose faith, and your willingness to share your story. I would be humbled to connect and learn more about how your lives have unfolded since the close of your story in 2009…

    in gratitude…


  3. PS I am looking forward to sharing your gift…

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