Susan Davis

Susan Davis
Susan Davis left a Division Administrator position for Harris Bank’s Personal Trust Group after nine years to start Capital Missions Company (CMC), a social venture consulting firm, in June of 1990. From 1965 to 1979, Susan helped start five social ventures: Boston’s black newspaper under publisher Melvin Miller (1965); an urban affairs publishing firm under John Naisbitt (1968); the country’s first minority enterprise publication (1969); the first national publication for working women (1969); and ShoreBank Corp. under Ron Grzywinski (1973). Susan launched the Development Deposit Program at ShoreBank as one of country’s first “cause-related marketing programs.”
Ms. Davis used these experiences in business and finance to create a unique networking innovation method now proven successful through 21 networks created over a 31-year period. This method, called KINS® (Key Initiator Network Strategy), uses nature as a model for innovation following a simple 9-step method anchored by 30 people from 30 diverse constituencies.

KINS has been used to create a social venture capital industry (Investors’ Circle), a socially-responsible business industry (Social Venture Network) and a family office industry (Harris Family Office Management Conference). KINS has proved effective to target business parity for women (Committee of 200), to “make solar happen for the world” (Solar Circle) and to create a better mousetrap for venture capital (Solaria Investors’ Circle).

It has been successful in catapulting women into top financial management spots (Chicago Finance Exchange), in catalyzing civic activity in a major city (The Chicago Network), in introducing microfinance into Nigeria (Growing Businesses Network) and in showcasing social investment products (Making A Profit While Making A Difference Conference).

It has been used to teach wealthy women finance (Financial Forum), teach social investing to institutional investors (Triple Bottom Line Simulation), teach women investors to invest in women-led businesses (Capital Circle) and teach business leaders “EarthCare” (Kindred Spirits Network).

In the above efforts, Susan Davis has either served as the Founding Organizer or a key founder and now shares the KINS method through her work. From 2005 to 2007, she launched the Tipping Point Network with the mission of catalyzing a globally sustainable economy.

She is now launching a KINS network pro bono in Vilcabamba, Ecuador in collaboration with and

Ms. Davis received a B.A. cum laude in Russian from Brown University in 1963 and did graduate work in anthropology at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1965-66. Her entrepreneurial tutoring came from her father, who grew the Bancroft Racket Company from a small to a large enterprise. Susan is married to Walter Moora. They live in Ecuador and have daughters Eve, Blake and Julia and son David.


  1. Wow Susan, You are amazing and the KINS process too! I am blown away by the Trojan Horse which I am devouring right now! I have had guidance to be in South Africa this fall for the Global Alliance for Departments of Peace AND the UN Summit on Climate Change which will both be held there. I have been putting out for a mediation link up from 9/11/11 until 12/11/11 to hold the field of highest possibilities for a more peaceful and sustainable world that works for all. I have been holding a vision of the points of Light all over the planet linking up and anchoring a Dome of Light over South Africa for the entire fall (North American time) period. When I read of the vision you described of the points of Light all over the globe I had chills. That is exactly what is going on and there are so many of us seeing it and participating in it. I do think it is time for the KINS network for peacemakers. The 40 countries attending the Global Alliance Summit in Cape Town would be the best place to start! Also Barbara Marx Hubbard is making a huge link up of people to be Agents of Conscious Evolution and that is a strong network as well. I just know there is enough momentum building for shifting the world and your KINS network is right on target!
    I have so many thoughts from reading your book and would love to talk with you. When will you be in the U.S. I had a brief skype with Walter and we thought it would be easier to communicate when you are in the U.S. I leave for Africa at the end of this month. Penny Kelly will be herer for September 11 and we are working on clearing the trauma and terror from the field!
    In kinship, Robin Goff

  2. thanks for participating in Occupy Cafe this morning, honored to share the air with you. peace -andy occupy boulder

  3. Susan, I am looking for your schedule in the U.S. for 2012…can you direct me to that? Just getting back up to speed after almost 3 months in South Africa and digesting that experience. Our time at the UN Summit on Climate Change was amazing as well as the outreach projects we were involved with. Such a powerful experience of our human family!
    Sending love, Robin

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